FAQs about domain names

A domain name is a unique addressing construct that identifies and locates websites on the Internet. Domain name shows a easy-to-remember Internet addresses, which are interpreted by the Domain Name System (DNS) into an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This IP address is used by browsers to locate the website.
These extensions were earlier intended to distinguish between commercial firms, network providers, organizations or Indian sites. However, such intent is now largely neglected.
Domain names are reserved for a period of one year to five years. However, if it is a company name it is better to reserve it for a longer period.
Usually, it takes up to two days for a domain name to show up in the Internet database. Although it appears to be available, it is not. Once we have confirmed the registration of the domain name then it only belongs to you and it is not possible for someone else to register it.
Yes, you can change the contact details. There are no charges for changes in contact details. However, a change of ownership involves additional fees.
No, it is not possible to change a domain name after registration. You can make any kind of change in the contact details, but it is not possible to change the domain name. If you really wish to change the domain name you need to register it again with the same process for a new domain name you want.

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